How to LaTeX

On Wednesday the 19th Feb 2014 the wonderful Tom Remenyi gave us an overview of the LaTeX document preparation system and worked through his famous LaTEX training document.

For those that couldn’t attend here are a few useful links and videos to bring you up to speed:

  • Most importantly, here is a link to the downloads page for Tom’s LaTeX training document [ ]. This is a ‘how to use LaTeX’ training document. It is aimed at people who do not like using MS Word or Mac Pages for producing large documents and do not know how to write computer code. It aims to gently introduce LaTeX to users and considerably lower the learning curve.
  • Tom’s recommendations for installing LaTeX: If on a Mac, download the latest version of MacTeX. This comes with TeXShop as the main ui and is a very smooth and gentle tool for working in LaTeX [ ]. If you’re on Windows or Linux, download the latest version of MikTeX, which is based on TeXShop [ ]. Please keep in mind that there are many ‘flavours’ of LaTeX user interface out there and that these are just a couple of simple examples – try to find the one that best fits your workflow and style. Google is your friend.
  • A great cheat-sheet of commonly used LaTeX commands: [ ]

Finally, the ethos of TexWorks – simple, clean, uncluttered, powerful:


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