Dash Meeting on August 8

Hi DaSHers

This weeks we have the exciting Will Hobbs who will be telling us all we need to know about accessing and using model output from the global climate models reported upon in the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC. Will’s talk is entitled An Introduction to dealing with multi-model ensembles (or how I learned to stop worrying and love CMIP5).

Because he is organsed Will has even provided an abstract
The Coupled Model Inter-Comparison  Project v5 (CMIP5) is unprecedented in the scope of standard experiments, the number of climate models included, and the range of output variables. This makes it an incredible (free!) resource for all manner of researchers, but also brings with it some serious logistical and even philosophical challenges to trip up the unwary. This talk will be a practical guide for people new to using very large multi-model ensembles, and will include tips on initial strategies and planning; finding, accessing and managing data; possible hazards when processing data; and finally some ongoing hot topics on how to interpret results.


ALSO: Coming up next week we have Brendan Davey from TPAC who will be expounding on the virtues of using the ecloud, followed by Marty Hidas from IMOS showing us how we can use the IMOS data portal to aid our research and Andrew Klekociuk from the Antarctic Division talking about Reanalyses.


IMAS Aurora Lecture Theatre – it’s the big lecture theatre on the left as you walk into the waterfront building foyer – 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point,  next to CSIRO.


Friday 8th of August, 9:15am


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