DaSH Meeting on August 22

Hi DaSHers
Probably most of you have heard about Reanalyses, but how many of you actually know what the term really means? This week’s speaker, Andrew Klekociuk from the Australian Antarctic Division, is going to enlighten us all about what is a Renalysis and what they are good for. His talk is entitled “Reanalyses – A sharing of juicy tidbits* and gory details**”. I shall allow Andrew to explain the title in his own words.

According to Reanalyses.Org, in a reanalysis, ‘observations and a numerical model that simulates one or more aspects of the Earth system are combined objectively to generate a synthesized estimate of the state of the system’.

In this discussion, I’ll give an overview of reanalysis methods, and outline some of the more widely used reanalyses and their application, focussing mainly on the atmosphere. Bring along stories of your experience (or inexperience) with reanalysis data, and we’ll discuss the joys and pitfalls of using this type of data for climate studies, environmental case studies and measurement evaluations, amongst other things.

Selected definitions…
* a choice or pleasing bit of anything, as gossip.
** to tell all the small details about something that is unpleasant or interesting in a shocking way.


ALSO: No DaSH meeting next week as we have lent out our lecture theatre for hosting a school excursion. The week after (September 5) Mike Sumner from AAD is going to give us a talk. In the following weeks we have Ben Galton_Fenzi and Marty Hidas to look forward to.


IMAS Aurora Lecture Theatre – it’s the big lecture theatre on the left as you walk into the waterfront building foyer – 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point,  next to CSIRO.


Friday 22 August, 9:15am


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