DaSH Meeting on September 5

Hi DaSHers
This week we have the ever informative and helpful Mike Sumner giving us what promises to be a cracker of a presentation. Mike’s talk is titled Common tasks with GIS tools in QGIS, GDAL and R. He tells me he will be looking at some example “gotchas” when working with spatial data and tips for understanding and dealing with them. The talk will be aimed at an introductory level. If you think you need to manipulate spatial data in any format then this is probably the talk for you.


ALSO: Still working on a DaSH talk for next week. I hope to have something worked out soon. In the following weeks we have Ben Galton_Fenzi and Marty Hidas to look forward to.


IMAS Aurora Lecture Theatre – it’s the big lecture theatre on the left as you walk into the waterfront building foyer – 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point,  next to CSIRO.


Friday 5 September, 9:15am


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