Python for absolute beginners at IMAS

Hi DaSHers
Anya Reading has booked a room in IMAS for next week and will be offering her Python for absolute beginners as a 4 week course on Wednesday afternoons starting next week. This promises to be a great course for anyone who thinks they need to know how to program in Python but has had no programming experience. Places are limited but there are still spots available if you would like to attend.

Sign up by contacting Anya directly (

All sessions run from 3 – 5 pm on Wednesdays.
24 September – Aurora Lecture Theatre
1 October – Rori Flex Room
8 October – Rori Flex Room
15 October – Aurora Lecture Theatre

Bring your own laptop. Python will need to be installed before you start the course. This is easily done, but if you have any worries I suggest contacting your local IT person and asking for advice.



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