DaSH Session for October 17

Hi DaSHers
This week Ben Galton-Fenzi will be continuing his series of talks on high performance computing. This time Ben will be going through the finer details of getting jobs to run on the HPC and benchmarking code. This will involve a live demo and genuine submission of a job (and hopefully resultant output). The talk will also feature a guest spot from Matt Armsby from TPAC who will give a brief overview of the tools that are available for monitoring jobs.

If you think you need to be using HPC facilities then I encourage you to sign up for a TPAC account before Friday (http://www.tpac.org.au/resources/accounts/hpc-new-account-form/) and Ben will hopefully be able to get you started. Bring your own laptop if you want to go down this road.


ALSO: Next week Simon Wotherspoon from IMAS will be continuing his occasional series of time series lectures. This one will follow up on queries that arose following Alain Zuur’s course in August. The next week will likely feature a hands on demonstration of how to use NetCDF and other spatial datasets using packages such as R and Matlab. It will be aimed at students and otehrs who have had no, or little, experience with netCDF.


IMAS Aurora Lecture Theatre, 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point


Friday 17 October, 9:15am


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