DaSH Meeting for December 5

Hi DaSHers,
This week Eric Oliver from IMAS will be telling us all how to make our science so much better through nicer looking figures (you know that makes your science better). His talk is titled Using vector graphics to improve your figures, posters and talks. Here is what Eric had to say about it:
“Ever wonder how some figures are made? The ones that look really pretty? What about those beautiful posters? Chances are that they were edited using vector graphics software (e.g., Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator). I’m going to talk about the difference between raster and vector images, how to save your figures in vector format, and how to do some basic editing in Inkscape. I will also cover using it to make posters (and talks).”


ALSO: With the countdown to Christmas well and truly begun we have a couple of talks to finish the science season before the silly season begins. Next week Ben Raymond (AAD)  will continue on the text editor theme started by Tom a few weeks ago. There should then be one more talk before Christmas (maybe with a Santa theme).


Aurora Lecture Theatre, 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point


Friday 5 December, 9:15am


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