Merry Christmas from DaSH

Hi DaSHers,
The hoped-for Christmas DaSH Seminar for this week has not quite come to fruition (sad, I know), and thus DaSH has wrapped up for the year. Due to various people taking leave and going out on field work DaSH will take a break in January and start up again in early February. The plus side of this is that you all have plenty of time to think about the topics you would like to share with fellow DaSHers in the new year. Remember that such seminar series prosper due to the willingness of various people to contribute, and the more who contribute the stronger we become as a group.

Merry Christmas


ALSO: To keep you all enthused and occupied over the break, check out this competition run by the National Data Science Bowl ( The competition is to develop an automated image classification tool to detect krill in images. This certainly sounds like a project that DaSH could contribute to (and the $100 000 prize makes it kind of appealing). If anyone is interested in building a team to submit an entry then let me know and I can help form the team (and do some work).


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