DaSH Seminar for February 20

Hi DaSHers,

This week’s DaSH Seminar features Simon Ellingsen from the Discipline of Physics at UTas. Simon will be telling us all about using iPython notebooks. IPython is an interactive environment for working with python and the IPython notebook is a browser-based interface to this.  As the name suggests it aims to fill a role similar to a research (or other) working notebook.  Simon says he has been using IPython notebooks for about 6 months and found them very good for exploratory investigations/debugging a process and multi-institutuon/campus collaboration.  He’ll show you how you can use IPython notebooks to keep code, outputs (plots, tables etc) and any notes or additional information in one place and easily revise or revisit the work.


ALSO: I am still working on developing a timetable of talks over the next month or two. I have lots of maybes and not many definites. If you have been thinking of giving a DaSH talk then now is the time to put your hand up.


Aurora Lecture Theatre, 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point


Friday 20 February, 9:15am


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