DaSH Session for March 13

Hi DaSHers,

Due to a paucity of volunteers to give us structured presentations at DaSH Seminars recently we have decided to try a new approach. Tomorrow we will be having an Open DaSH Session, or Hacky Hour. The idea of the Hacky Hour is that anyone can bring along a problem they have been working on and ask those present for ideas. Problems can range from simple analysis techniques to a grand theory you have been working on to change the world. No problem too big or too small.

So come along and bring your problems, or bring yourself and offer opinions.

This session will be hosted by Tom Remenyi and Mike Sumner.


ALSO: I am still working on developing a timetable of sessions over the next month or two. I have lots of maybes and not many definites. The DaSH community is at its best when we have a broad range of participants, so if you have been thinking of leading a session then get in touch.


Aurora Lecture Theatre, 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point


Friday 13 March (Ooh, spooky), 9:15am


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