DaSH Session for April 10

Hi DaSHers,
This week’s DaSH session will be a hands on introductory tutorial on how to use everyone’s favourite (???) text editor: ViM. As I said last week, ViM’s main claim to fame is that it is installed on pretty much every computer ever made (yes, it is even there on Windows 8). It is also famous for perhaps not being the easiest editor to use, but after 45 minutes playing around with it we are confident anyone will learn to love the beast.

So if you have any plans on using UNIX machines, or a remote computer somewhere that only has a text interface, or even just want to know a bombproof way to edit text files on whatever system you are on then come along and get your hands dirty with ViM.

Bring your own laptop. Tomorrow we will be distributing some example text files and a link to an intro video if you want to get ahead of the group.


ALSO: Next week I am hoping to hold a session titled “Dumb things to do with Data” where I will be giving examples of stupid mistakes I have made when manipulating data sets. If you want to laugh at me, or learn from my mistakes then come along. If you have examples of your own dumb examples that you want to unburden yourself from then bring them along.


Rori Flex Room, 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point


Friday 10 April, 9:15 am


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