DaSH Session for May 15

Hi DaSHers,
This week DaSH stalwart Roland Warner, formerly of the Australian Antarctic Division, and now an honorary research fellow at the ACE CRC, will be giving an introduction and overview to using the grand-daddy of all programming languages: FORTRAN. Roland’s ambition is to give attendees the basic understanding and skills to read and edit a fortran file as part of their research. It should be a very valuable session for anyone who has anything to do with ocean models or ocean modellers.

Lots of other things are happening in the Data Science space at the moment. From June 12 Tom Remenyi and Mike Sumner will be presenting a 6 week block of sessions that will cover the Software Carpentry course that has been successfully rolled out around the world to give students and researchers alike an introduction to the world of scientific computing. Over the 6 weeks topics covered include the unix shell, SQL, R, Python, Git and best practice in programming. Tell your friends about this one as it will be one not to miss.

The Faculty of Health will be running a workshop on Practical Bayesian analysis with Bayes Factor on June 15. This is a free course for UTas and CSIRO staff and students. Bayesian analysis has become a standard, if not dominant, tool among statisticians. It has many advantages over standard practice, including conceptual clarity, a principled accounting of statistical evidence and rational belief, and the ability to answer questions of interest to researchers. However, due to practical difficulties in implementing Bayesian analyses and the lack of flexible, general purpose software, uptake among non-statisticians has been slower. The BayesFactor and JASP GUI software help to remedy this situation, allowing analysts to perform Bayesian analysis of common designs. This workshop gives a practical introduction to Bayesian analysis, Bayesian linear models, and the BayesFactor software. More details and registration can be found here.

Finally, for a quick guide to improving pie charts, click here.


ALSO: Next week is likely to be an informal session again, so get your data science problems ready and bring them along so the group can explore the issues involved. For those who haven’t been to one of these sessions I encourage you to come along, they are a great way to explore problems and learn new techniques relevant to data science.


Rori Flex Room, 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point



Friday 15 May, 9:15 am


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