DaSH Session for June 5

Hi DaSHers,
This week DaSH is going on a road trip! Damien Irvine from the Bureau of Meteorology (and Software Carpentry) is visiting CSIRO and will be presenting a half day workshop on CWSLAB (Climate and Weather Science Laboratory). CWSLab is a new initiative between CSIRO, BoM, the Centre for Excellence and others to solve the problems associated with data duplication and having multiple people create code to do the same thing. As part of Damien’s workshop he has invited DaSH to come along for a 30 minute demonstration of CWSLab (9 – 9:30).

This should be a great chance to see a new initiative that may be very useful and important to all researchers accessing and using climate model output in the months and years ahead. I will be going to have a look, so am happy to meet other DaSH people in the IMAS foyer at 8:50 so we can road trip together. Otherwise the demonstration is in the Derwent Room at CSIRO, starting at 9:00.



Derwent Room, CSIRO Marine Labs, Castray Esplanade, Battery Point



Friday 5 June, 9:00 am


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