No DaSH Session this week

Hi DaSHers,
Here at DaSH headquarters we are busy readying ourselves for the Software Carpentry sessions that begin next week (June 26). To be ready for these we are doing plenty of DaSHing around, and giving the weather some of it has included DaSHing through the snow. Personally, I have been looking for a one-horse open sleigh as the maintenance costs may be lower than keeping my bicycle on the road. All of this means there will be no DaSH Session this week.

But keep your diary free for the next 6 Fridays as we kick off the Software Carpentry Series on June 26. Each of these sessions will run for 2 hours (9-11 am) with topics covered including basic practice, the unix shell, SQL, R, Python and Git. The sessions are open to anyone interested in data science, and bookings are not required. All we ask is that you bring your own laptop and have installed a virtual machine that is capable of running the programs above (you can see set up instructions at

See you next week.



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