Homework for Software Carpentry week 3

Hi DaSHers,

Sorry for the late notice, but Mike and Tom have asked if everyone who is planning on attending Software Carpentry tomorrow morning please follow the instructions below and download the database we will be using in tomorrow’s session.

Mike and Tom will be in the Flex Room from 8:30 onwards if you need help getting the database, or have any specific questions or issues that you want to explore further, or need some help ensuring you are ready for the second session. The formal session will kick off at 9:00.

If you missed any of the pervious weeks then you can read through the online lecture notes from the Software Carpentry website (http://software-carpentry.org/lessons.html), and make sure you download the software needed for this course as per instructions at https://software-carpentry.org/v5/setup.html. These instructions either let you install a complete virtual machine, or individual packages as needed.

Hope to see you there.


Mike’s instructions:

This Friday we will be working through the Software Carpentry SQL lesson. This requires that we all have the “sqlite3” program AND the “survey.db” file available, please use the instructions below.

In short, you need to be able to type this in the terminal to start:

sqlite3 survey.db

If you have problems getting these files, and starting “sqlite3” please come early to the session on Friday at 0830.

#  Software Carpentry VM, or Linux or Mac

* On the VM, or on Linux or Mac sqlite3 is already installed.

* We also need the file “survey.db”, so create a folder to work in, download the file, and start sqlite:

mkdir swc_sql
cd swc_sql
wget http://files.software-carpentry.org/survey.db
sqlite3 survey.db

(To exit, type “.quit”).

NOTE: Please ignore the mkdir and cd steps if you want to work in a particular place.

# Windows

The goal is to have the files “sqlite3” and “survey.db” in the same directory, and then we “change directory” to that location and start the program.

* Create a directory in your “Documents” folder, call it for “swc-sql”.
* Download the zip package “sqlite-shell-win32-x86-3081002.zip” at this address http://www.sqlite.org/download.html, click on the link under “Precompiled Binaries for Windows”,
* Unzip the file into your “swc-sql” folder, there is one file in the .zip called “sqlite3.exe”
* Download the file “survey.db” from http://swcarpentry.github.io/sql-novice-survey/discussion.html, use right-click “Save As” to put in into our “swc-sql” directory
* Now start the Windows command shell and cd into the working folder

For example

cd C:\Users\michae_sum\Documents\swc-sql
sqlite3 survey.db

NOTE: there are ways to put sqlite3 in your path so you don’t have to have the program with the data, but that’s not what this lesson is about.

# sqlite3

You can alternatively start sqlite and then open a database:

.open survey.db

More detail on the software and data requirements, if you need it, is here:

The lesson material is here



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