Software Carpentry Week 4

Hi DaSHers,
This Friday is week four of the Software Carpentry series at DaSH. On the menu this week is the statistical computing language R ( Tom will be leading the session and has sent me the following message to pass on

See you on Friday



Rori Flex Room, 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point



Friday 17 July, 9:00 am. But don’t forget you can turn up from 8:30 if you have questions.

Message from Tom

Hi All, 

Next weeks Software Carpentry is “An Introduction to Programming Using R”.  

There is a bit of data you need to download first.  

Below are the step-by-step instructions.  

Lines that start with “#” are my comments explaining what to do.

Lines that do not start with “#” are the verbatim commands you should type into the terminal.  

——————- Begin instructions ——————-

# First of all, open the swc virtual machine inside virtual box.  

# open a terminal 

# ensure you are in your home directory


# download the zip-archive of the data we need for the lesson into your home directory.


#unzip the zip-archive into your home directory.  


# Now the data you need to use is here: /home/swc/data 

# Lets check what is inside

ls /home/swc/data

#The output of “ls /home/swc/data” should look like this:  

#  swc@swc-lubuntu:~$ ls /home/swc/data/

#  inflammation-01.csv  inflammation-05.csv  inflammation-09.csv  small-01.csv

#  inflammation-02.csv  inflammation-06.csv  inflammation-10.csv  small-02.csv

#  inflammation-03.csv  inflammation-07.csv  inflammation-11.csv  small-03.csv

#  inflammation-04.csv  inflammation-08.csv  inflammation-12.csv

——————- End instructions ——————-

Ok, your ready to start the lesson (which is here:  ).

See you next week.  



PS:  Mike is going to be away.  It would be great to have one or two extra helpers who are familiar with R.  Anyone able to help out, contact Tom on the day. 



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