Software Carpentry week 6 (the final one)

Hi DaSHers,
This week we wrap up our 6 weeks of Software Carpentry with an introduction to Git. Git is version control software that allows one or more people to work on files at the same time while keeping a track of changes and storing all old versions for restoration if required. If you want to get some pre-reading done then you can check out the Software Carpentry lesson (

If you want to review anything that we have discussed in any of the lessons then the Software Carpentry lectures are all available at

As this is our last week for this series we would appreciate any feedback you have. Get in contact with us in anyway you feel comfortable and let us know what you think about the series.

As per previous weeks, Mike and Tom will be in the room from 8:30 to answer any questions you may have, with the main session kicking off at 9.


If you have been inspired by the last 6 weeks and want to install Python, R, Git or even just get yourself set up with a bash shell on your machine (rather than the virtual machine we have been using) then come along to DaSH in the next few weeks and we will happily assist. We will be having a break next week, but after that DaSH is on every Friday morning in the flex room from 9:15.

Rori Flex Room, IMAS Building, 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point

Friday 24 July, 9:00 am. But don’t forget you can turn up from 8:30 if you have questions.


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