DaSH Session for September 4

Hi DaSHers,
This week DaSH will be answering the eternal question of data scientists: which language is better – Matlab or R? Or maybe python is better than both of them. Then again maybe you think Fortran or C are the best options and those fancy new languages carry too much baggage to be really useful for serious work. Looks like we may have trouble even framing the question to everyone’s satisfaction, let along answering it in 45 minutes.

Nonetheless, if you have a favourite data programming language come along and tell us the features you think make it the weapon of choice for your data needs. if you don’t have a favourite (or don’t know any of them well enough) then come along and learn about the differences between languages and maybe how you can decide which one is for you (Esperanto anyone?).

The aim of this discussion will be to explore the strengths of different languages for specific tasks. Maybe we will discover that they are all essentially the same and thus choice comes down to personal preference. Is there really any difference between any of them anymore? Or maybe we will walk away with a realisation that there is only one true language and most of us have invariable been wrong (seems unlikely though).


Rori Flex Room. IMAS Building, Castray Esplanade

Friday September 11, 9:15 am


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