DaSH Session for September 18

Hi DaSHers,
Sorry for the late notice. This week we finish off our three week exploration of the differences and similarities of the different programming languages used for data science. The focus this week is on examples of what your preferred language does well. If you are an R user and just know that R does stats better than anything else then bring along an example showing us the really cool stuff it does. If you know Matlab is best for linear algebra and manipulation of large, regularly gridded dataset then show us just how easy it is to do that stuff.

We will have a few examples lined up ready to go when we kick off tomorrow, but it would be great for attendees to bring some more ideas along. We can then explore how each language does what it does, and maybe try those ideas out in other languages.

Or, if you are new to programming, then just come along and find out the neat stuff your language of choice can do.


Coming up in the next week or so we will be holding a session with some experienced operators showing you how to best plot those common figures that we all need from time to time. Examples that I can think of include; maximal or minimal sea ice extent; location of the fronts of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, bathymetry for somewhere (or everywhere) or climatological sea surface temperature or ocean colour. Where do those data sets come from, and how best to plot them in various packages.

Rorie Flex Room, IMAS Building, Castray Esplanade

Friday September 18, 9:15 am


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