Mathematica presentation on Friday 18 September

Hi DaSHers,
I have been asked to advertise  a presentation being given by Craig Bauling from Wolfram Research (the makers of Mathematica). If you use, or are interested in Mathematica then check out the details below


Subject: Wolfram Mathematica presentation, 1pm Friday September 18, PLT3

 Good afternoon:

Tomorrow, Craig Bauling from Wolfram Research (Mathematica) in the US will be giving a presentation in Physics Lecture Theatre 3 at 1pm.

Roland Warner (ACE CRC) and I have been in contact with Craig recently as we’re both looking to upgrade licences (Maths has version 8 in our labs which puts us two full versions behind what is currently available).  I presume Craig will be showing off the capabilities of version 10 to help us with our decision.

 I’ve taken Craig’s bio from the Wolfram website and attached it below. You’ll note that the Victorian Education Department has a Mathematica licence covering all of its public schools. I think Wolfram were successful in convincing V.Ed. to take on Mathematica/WolframAlpha by showing its usefulness in areas outside of those with a maths focus.  So feel free to forward on this invitation to anyone who has the slightest interest in accessing information and/or exploring/analysing data.




Hello, I’m Craig Bauling with Wolfram Research. As an International Business Development team member, I put 30 years experience in Engineering and Education to work helping others. My passion is in Education, especially at the secondary and community college levels (TAFE). Recently I have had the pleasure to help the state of Victoria Australia adapt curriculum materials using the state’s Unlimited Mathematica public school license pool. Separately, I have had the pleasure of supporting the Victoria Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) in their use of Mathematica to develop their annual statewide Math exam with Mathematica and then deploy those exams as part of the student/curriculum assessment process. I love gaming challenges, business applications and lesson planning with Mathematica.


Michael Brideson, PhD
Lecturer – Discipline of Mathematics



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