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DaSH Session for October 30

Hi DaSHers,
After a quiet few weeks for DaSH (I have been dashing, but in a different way) we have Tom Remenyi from ACECRC lined up to lead a session next week. Tom will be telling us stuff about figures, mostly cool tricks he has learnt from his recent work. Tom will be giving examples in R, but the lessons should be broadly applicable to Matlab and other programming languages as well.


We have had a request for a session on LaTeX that we will do in the next couple of weeks. If you are a LaTeX user then come along and share your knowledge, or expand it. If you have not used LaTeX then shame on you: come along and find out about what you have been missing in the document preparation space.

Friday October 30, 9:15 am

Rori Flex Room, IMAS Building, Castray Esplanade


No DaSH this week

Hi DaSHers,
No DaSH this week as the IMAS honour students are giving their introductory seminars in the flex room tomorrow morning. Instead I would encourage everyone to go along and see what the next generation of researchers are up to. Even more exciting is the final seminars for the January intake of honours students that are on right now in the flex room.

See you next week.


Files from Jo’s talk

Hi DaSHers,

Jo Whittaker has sent me the pdf of her slides, along with the shell script she ran to generate the figure and the line and point files. I have uploaded these files as a zip archive (that has been cunningly renamed as a pdf file to allow me to upload to wordpress, just removed the .pdf from the file and upzip it as normal).

If you want to recreate Jo’s figure then install GMT on your machine, unzip the archive and run the .sh file. You will also need the bathymetry, which can be downloaded from (and is about 900 Mb). If I can get this on to a local drive I will do so in the coming weeks.

Finally, if you want to use Gplates for visualising/convertign things, then you can get it from

Here is the zip archiive: