DaSH Seminar for December 18

Hi DaSHers,
Tomorrow DaSH is going to try something a bit different: competitive live coding. OK, maybe I am getting a bit carried away, so let me explain. After last week’s session a few DaSH regulars got talking and decided it would be interesting to compare different techniques for performing common data analysis tasks in different languages, and what better way to do this than under pressure in front of a live studio audience. As such Rob Johnson will be turning up tomorrow with a time series of ocean colour from the Southern Ocean in netCDF format. Those present who are up for the challenge will have 15minutes to process the data and produce output in the most presentable format they can muster. All present will then compare the output produced and examine the different coding techniques used to produce that output. Should be fun and hopefully instructive to all present (whether an experienced analyst or not).


Obviously Christmas is next week, so DaSH will be taking a bit of a break. After that I am off on an adventure on the high seas as part of the K-Axis marine science voyage. In my absence Tom and Mike will be steering the DaSH ship. Expect DaSH Sessions to be starting up again in late January.

Friday December 18

Rori Flex Room, IMAS Building


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