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The Python Fish

Have you ever wondered if you could put a progress bar in your terminal to reassure you that your script is still running?

Enter the Python Fish:


The Python Fish progress bar could be just what you were looking for! The Fish is a Python module that makes any program look awesome and displays useful data while munching away on your data.

Check it out in action:

Install it with easy_install or fork it on github:





Python Install Fest – Resources

Here are some the basic resources needed for tomorrows Python Install Fest:

Notes and Installation Instructions

Code Test Cases

These resources were created by Eric Oliver and me (Rob Johnson), they are provided for free but are in no way exhaustive – there are many ways to do this.


Happy birthday BASIC!

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the BASIC programming language!

Happy birthday BASIC!

BASIC is the language that many started their adventures in scientific computing with and the current generation of Data Scientists owe it quite a lot of respect. Dartmouth college and the hall where the very first BASIC code was run are holding a series of celebrations to mark this special anniversary, many of which can be viewed online, and have put together a Docco on the history and impact of the language.

Check out the party here:


IPython 2.0 has been released!

IPython 2.0 is actually out now! Yay! (
If you don’t believe me then just:

pip install --upgrade ipython

See what’s new at

but the highlights are:

  • interactive widgets for the notebook
  • directory navigation in the notebook dashboard
  • persistent URLs for notebooks
  • a new modal user interface in the notebook
  • a security model for notebooks.

You can check out the example IPython notebooks on nbviewer.

The guys and gals at IPython HQ are asking that we all please give it a test. They plan to have 2.0.1 released within a month – based on the initial feedback.

Bring on the bug reports!